Google has announced that by June 2024 Chrome will be fully transitioned to Manifest v3, which will restrict the capabilities of extensions, especially ad and tracker blockers such as uBlock Origin. These types of extensions work thanks to the Web Request API which will be replaced by the Declarative Net Request API which is much more limited than its predecessor, essentially making ad and tracker blockers much weaker than before.

Google Chrome retains around 66% of the global web browser market, Google also has some of the most popular online platforms and software like their search engine, YouTube, AdSense, Maps, Gmail, Android and even the open source Chromium browser used as a base by many browsers such as Edge, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi, which means that any significant change that Google does to Chromium could end up downstream to these forks as well. By keeping to use their products, you’re encouraging them to tyrannize the internet, a place that should be platform agnostic and encourage free exchange of ideas and creations. I don’t mean to offend, I’m just saying you should seriously consider switching to the many alternatives so that you don’t contribute to Google’s monopoly.

Ad and tracker blockers are an essential tool for protecting your privacy while browsing online, so I heavily suggest you switch to another browser that’s not based on Chromium in order to keep using more effective Mv2-based extensions, thus preserving your freedom and privacy. I have this page which is a series of software recommendations, including several non-Chromium browsers (under the Browsers section) and some privacy extensions (under the Privacy and security tools section). The uBlock team created uBlock Origin Lite which is a limited version of uBlock Origin for Chromium derivatives that complies with Mv3, so it cannot be considered a real capable substitute for the regular version.

Here’s some articles to learn more about Manifest v3:

Yeah, okay, can you leave me alone?

If you want the red banner at the top to go away, disable Javascript (it’s used for a lot of garbage anyway), spoof your user agent or switch to another browser, my recommendations are LibreWolf on desktop and IceRaven on Android, although plain Firefox, other derivatives or other non-Chromium browsers should be fine too.

Sorry for being annoying, it’s just that sometimes you need to be harsh to get a message across, especially to normies who don’t care about anything and just cope with whatever anti-consumer change happens in the whole IT industry, since they only care about their dopamine receptors being satisfied.

I’m not actually using a Chromium derivative but I got a banner at the top telling me to go here / I’m using a Chromium derivative but I didn’t get a banner at the top telling me to go here

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