In the recent days, as I’ve wrapped up development on my Git server and as I’ve spent some time trying to make my KDE Plasma desktop more customized and efficient, I decided to make a repository with my dotfiles to get my custom Polybar, KDE Plasma colors, zsh and more. Of course I had to publish this on r/unixporn like a good ricer.

The screenshots I uploaded to r/unixporn

It’s basically KDE Plasma with no visible panels and a custom color scheme and icon set, Polybar, Latte Dock, a tiling script for KWin and lots and lots of keyboard shortcuts (which are not included in this repo at the moment). The color scheme and the icon set are simple variations of the Breeze Dark color scheme and icon set with my own signature red color (#EB4034) along with some other colors. This below is the color palette.

The color palette

Here’s also an example screenshot with the colors and icons all in place.

Example screenshot

When I said “KDE Plasma with no visible panels” what I meant was that there is one auto-hiding panel with the notifications applet mapped to the keyboard combination Super + A, so when I click on the bell icon on the status bar it triggers xdotool to virtually press the shortcut, tricking Plasma into opening/closing the panel. I did the same thing with the system tray.

The hidden panel

To get these dotfiles and to read more about them, go to the repository.

By the way, you can freely make an account on my Git server for reporting issues or even for forking my stuff, but please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy first, thank you.