I developed a website with Hugo and the Arberia theme for the non profit organization La Città Adattabile. This organization, founded in 2017 by a relative of mine, helps autistic kids and their families in the city of Naples by organizing and promoting educational and recreational activities integrated with schools, sports and sanitary activities with dedicated spaces.

The website takes the aforementioned Arberia theme and strips it of any uncessary cluttering or integration with external services (e.g. Google Analytics, Disqus, etc.), giving a very minimal and bloat-free look and feel to all pages that’s coherent with the original blue and gray branding of the organization. The site is divided up into five main sections:

  • Chi siamo (About us): a description of what the organization does and who’s behind it;
  • Articoli (Articles): a list of all the articles (basically the main Hugo content subfolder);
  • Media: a list of all mentions or collaborations of the organization in media like news, documentaries, etc.;
  • Contattaci (Contact us): a simple form to get in touch with the organization;
  • Tag (Tags): a list of all the tags used in the articles (the automatic tags page defined by Hugo’s taxonomy rules.)

There’s also an RSS feed for all articles and a back-to-top button. I also took care of hosting the website on the same server that hosts mine and of managing the source code in a private Git repository.